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Step One Of Four
We need to get some information about the music you are uploading
Please complete all required fields, select your files and click Submit Music to continue

This is the name(s) of the artist(s) who created the song
Example: Madonna

This is the song title
Example: Material Girl

This is the genre of the music
Examples: Rock, Pop, EDM

This is the year that the song was released
Example: 1976
This should be a 4 digit year
Often people confuse this with the release date which would be longer but we are only looking for the year

This is the album name that contains this song as part of the compilation
Example: Like a Virgin

Enter the track number, (01-99) and album number, (01-99)
Example: 02/07 indicates that this song is the second song on an album of seven songs
We will need the album name above if we are going to determine the track/album number
These numbers will default to 01/01 which indicates that this song is not part of an album

The 12 character ISRC code that identifies this artist/song.
You can purchase an ISRC code at if you don't already have one.

The file you select here will be embedded in the MP3 file as artwork
This image will be displayed by MP3 players when your song is played
The image should be square, ie. the width and height should be equal and should be 580px X 580px ideally as we use that format for our artwork API
If you upload an image that isn't square it will look out of place on all players that display it
Supported formats: JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF/BMP

Select the MP3 file you would like to upload
We currently only support MP3 files up to 128Mb in size
We will create an image file and an MP3 file based on your input above

You can hover over the field titles to get more information about them

Once your file is uploaded we will clear all of the MP3 meta data and replace it with the values given above so it is important that you make sure this information is correct
Any offensive images or audio that we cannot display or air on our radio stations will NOT be accepted

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